Perl Web Advice

Perl has been used to build dynamic web sites for a very long time. Over time, the best way to build web sites with Perl has changed. Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there on the World Wide Web doesn’t change and is, therefore, rather out of date.

This site aims to provide a place where you can find the best, up-to-date advice for building web sites with Perl.

(And yes, we’re well aware of the dangers of saying that this site will always be up to date. That’s why the code for this site is on Github.)

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New Project

Congratulations! You’ve decided to use Perl as the technology to build your new web site. That means you have you pick from a huge selection of modern tools that you can use on your project. This section will help you to decide which tools are best for you.

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You are looking for somewhere to host your new web site that is built in Perl. This section will give you some suggestions of the kinds of hosting options that are open to you. Or, if you’re running a hosting company, it has suggestions of what you can do to make your hosting as attractive as possible to Perl projects.

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Project Maintenance

Commiserations! You are maintaining an older web site that is built in Perl. This section will help you to recognise exactly which technologies are being used. It also has advice on moving gradually towards a newer toolset.

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